2022.09.23 - NRC article about the tiles for House of Delft interior artwork

We would like to share with you an article regarding the tiles for the House of Delft interior artwork project, developed by the Artist Job Smeets from Studio Job in collaboration with the Koninklijke Tichelaar.

All together "this consists of 120,000 Makkumer witjes, which are painted by hand in the studio according to the design of Smeets. Main colour: Delft blue. But Studio Job wouldn't be Studio Job if there weren't details and jokes in the artwork in all kinds of other colors. In Tichelaar's painting studio, the tones are still pastel, when the tiles have gone through the kiln, the design will clearly come into the limelight, ranging from portraits of famous Delft residents such as Willem van Oranje and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek to insects, roses and even a spaceship."

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