2019.06.03 - Musis nominated for Willem Diehl award 2019.

The jury nominated our approach to restore the monument in its original glory. For this we eliminated all ‘post war’ additions, rebuilt its west-façade according to the original drawings of 1881 including all ornaments, special brickwork and natural stone trimming. Also inside we restored the large Muzenhall in its original shape re-establishing the original ceiling and arch structure by copying the original ornaments with old gypsum molds and 3D printing techniques and adding grandeur with the large new crystal chandeliers, golden cladding of all seats & 5 large windows. By changing in all other rooms the carpet floors into wooden herringbone floors, repairing its stucco-work, cleaning away asbest, restoring its fire safety and bringing its technical facilities back ‘up-to-date’ we ensured again a bright future for this old part of Musis with a full functionality of its concerthalls & meetingrooms. A lively and intriguing place full of character to boost again cultural activities in this center of Arnhem. Please vote for us at: https://www.casa-arnhem.nl/agenda/2-casa-activiteiten/499-willem-diehlprijs-2019