Vrijdag Cultural Centre

Groningen, NL

VRIJDAG is a building in which the various cultural domains influence each other. The building accommodates a multitude of courses in the field of music, theater and visual arts. It will be a place of creative meeting, interaction and interdisciplinary collaboration.

VRIJDAG is an ensemble of buildings in which the various layers of time are visible. The facade of VRIJDAG is a continuum of the cultural-historical stratification of Groningen and the immediate vicinity. This layering translates into a pattern where the rhythm of the facades of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries are shown.

Locatie: Groningen, Nederland
Fase: Winnende tender / ontwerpfase
Functie: Cultuur
Programma: Theater, concertzaal, kunstencentrum, cultureel centrum en commerciƫle voorzieningen
BVO: 5,995m2
Jaar opdracht: 2021
Architecten: Koschuch Architects & Next Architects
Koschuch Architects projectteam: Maurizio Brambilla, Rui Duarte, Thais Zuchetti, Yvonne Yuen Tsz Wai
Next Architects projectteam: Marijn Schenk, Joost Lemmens, Maria Monteiro, Leire Alvarez, Liesbeth Strater
Opdrachtgever: Gemeente Groningen