“Buildings are the children of their context; the physical, social and economic context serve as the foundation for each building we design. We never only apply a single style, but always work from the conviction that rationality and exuberance support each other to form a building that exceeds the original briefing".

Patrick Koschuch

Rational Exuberance

We believe architecture is an iterative design process that leads to a strong concept.

Our solutions are specifically tailored to the physical, social and economic context. We strive for a perfectly operational, rational building with uniform arrangement, clear floor plans and optimal building exploitation. A clever setup creates (budgetary) space for alluring spatial solutions and celebration of the architecture.

This architectural rational exuberance goes beyond solving specific needs or making unique iconic gestures. The goal is to realise buildings that offer added value to both users and the environment. From this premise, we are always looking to innovate - whether it concerns the process, materials, unique identity, or programming. Our approach yields promising, timeless and generous architecture. In short, we wish for people to truly embrace their building.

‘Buildings are not generic but specific. Now more than ever, architecture is about creating value for people - whether it concerns the residents of flats, concert-goers or office employees. We take those values seriously, because we believe they result in buildings that last a lifetime, or even longer.’


Koschuch offers a high-quality mix of young talent and experience, of top creativity and expertise.

Our method offers room to engage in an intensive dialogue during the design and development process.

Our processes are set up such that we can all be proud of the end result together. We are very precise in our execution and deliver maximum return in sustainability, building exploitation, and living and working environment.

De vakjury: ‘Musis is een eigentijds antwoord op de monumentaliteit van het verleden, dat een nieuw beeld in de stad brengt, een nieuw geluid laat horen, en waarin een nieuwe energie voelbaar is. ‘

(*Musis Sacrum is ontworpen in de tijd van VD-K)

You & Us

We enjoy working with clients who are energised by innovation, who aim to get the most out of their order, and who value and understand our rational exuberance.

We are realistic when it comes to the construction budget and the order, such as in cultural building Musis Sacrum in Arnhem, where we increased the music hall from the intended 10,000 m3 to 15,000 m3 thanks to the clever setup and by building underground, allowing us to create perfect acoustics without any additional costs.

Musis Sacrum has been nominated for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award 2018 and has won several national and international architecture awards, including the Dutch Golden Phoenix Award and BNA (Royal Institute of Dutch Architects) Best Building of the Year 2018 in the category Identity & Iconic Value.

Awards & Nominations